Welcome to our incredible team of Associates!

Each one of them brings a wealth of experience in working with children and young people who have faced complex challenges stemming from developmental trauma. Not only do they provide invaluable support to these remarkable individuals, but they also extend their assistance to their families and the network around them. 

With backgrounds in education, health, social care, and psychotherapy, they have training in a variety of interventions such as Theraplay®, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Practice (DDP), Sensory Attachment Intervention, and the Just Right State Programme. 

Hi, I’m Nic Reed. Working as a registered children’s nurse and specialist public health nurse for over 20 years, I developed an interest in the effects of trauma and relationships on the developing child.

Undertaking an MSc in Attachment Theory, Research and Practice, I studied attachment patterns through the lifespan and the impact of trauma on our behaviours, relationships and resilience. I am a facilitator of the attachment assessments: Child Attachment Play Assessment (CAPA), Meaning of the Child Interview (MotC) and Marshak Interaction Method (MIM), with a particular interest in trauma and the regulation behaviours of children.

As a mum, I have personal experience of the effects of developmental trauma and the significant difference a positive relationship can make, helping to heal developmental trauma. I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who would like to learn about attachment and trauma!

Gela Griffiths runs a small private practice from her home in Mumbles. She is a Certified Theraplay® Practitioner and a Certified DDP Practitioner, and has completed Level 1 training in Sensory Attachment Intervention. Gela is a trainer/facilitator for the Just Right State Programme and Kim Golding's Foundations for Attachment. For more information visit her website:

My name is Jo Southan and I work therapeutically with children, families and schools. I was previously a registered nurse and have experience of working in schools. I am an adoptive mum to five children with various levels of complex needs resulting from developmental trauma. I helped to found Adenydd to support children and families just like ours.

Over the past twenty years I have been on an incredible journey of learning to understand and parent my children which has resulted in me undertaking further training. I'm particularly passionate about helping to provide effective support and training to families and professionals to help change the lives of children and families who have suffered trauma.

I have trained in Sensory Attachment Intervention (Level 1), Theraplay (Level 1 and Group Theraplay) and Ecosensory. I am also a facilitator of the Just Right State programme.