Sunshine Circles

Sunshine Circles  

Developing Social-Emotional Skills

We are running a pilot project in a Primary School funded by a grant

With thanks to our funder for the grant to fund a pilot of Sunshine Circles in a primary school. This has allowed us to develop online training and support sessions and to run a pilot project.

Due to the various restrictions that the pandemic has forced upon us we felt that it made sense to develop the training to be delivered online as well as providing support sessions. This will prepare staff to deliver the sessions to the children themselves. Weekly feedback and feed-forward planning sessions will be held. 

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Theraplay®  Sunshine Circles

Introducing Theraplay® and Sunshine Circles .....

Here are some useful video clips. We ask that you watch them before starting your training with us. You can also use them as a memory jogger or to share with others who may be interested in what you are doing. 

Theraplay® - an overview

Sunshine Circles - an introduction

“We had been considering a referral to a specialist unit for H.

Now we can recognise his needs and meet them effectively.

We have strategies we can use -and so does he!”

School staff member

Now we feel that we have strategies at our fingertips and that we have something that can help. 

I feel like we have something concrete now that we didn’t have before. 

Well-being Co-ordinator