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Social and Emotional Development

and Sensory Regulation

Based on Theraplay® Sunshine Circles

We work with schools with children who are adopted, fostered or in challenging circumstances supporting children’s emotional and sensory needs. By working with parents, carers and school staff we can make sure the the children receive ongoing support even when our project has finished. We run a project for Primary Schools based on Theraplay® Sunshine Circles (small groups and/or for the whole class) but also incorporating sensory activities and using snacks to support sensory regulation. Theraplay® describe Sunshine Circles as “an evidence-based, social-emotional development group with adult-directed and structured activities. The adult leads playful, cooperative and nurturing activities.  Sunshine Circles create an atmosphere of fun, caring, acceptance and encouragement that leads to better social, emotional and even cognitive development.” Following training in Sensory Attachment Intervention we are able to incorporate an element of sensory activities into the approach and to support school staff in learning how to help children to regulate themselves.

Parenting with PACE and Foundations for Attachment

These are courses we can run for parents and carers based on the principles of DDP. Our CEO is a Certified DDP Practitioner and our other Associates are trained to at least Level 1 in DDP.

The Just Right State Programme

Parents learn how to regulate their child from sensory and attachment perspectives. The aim of the programme is to enhance parents' awareness of their own engagement patterns and how this impacts on their child's emotional states. It also addresses the underlying reasons for behaviours. Parents first complete a sensory-attachment profile questionnaire that looks at the survival, sensory, and attachment behaviours of their child. They learn about; the different levels of self- regulation (physiological, sensory, emotional, and cognitive); the regulating effects of food and activities; and how to create an enriched environment that is tailor made both for them and their child's sensory-attachment needs.

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