Adenydd is a charity helping schools, practitioners and families understand and support children who have had adverse childhood experiences.

Children with developmental trauma often have great difficulty regulating their emotions and their behaviour; presenting huge challenges in supporting them effectively.

We offer consultations to parents/carers and practitioners around sensory regulation. Our "Where do we go from here?!?" consultation helps explore the next step in meeting your child's needs and the support that may be available from a range of services. For further information please see the relevant pages - parent/carer consultations or consultations for practitioners to discuss one or more cases.

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In the meantime, please stay safe and remember that

    self-care isn’t selfish!

It enables us to be more effective when caring for others.

We are a small charity based in Swansea, in South Wales supporting children and families affected by ACEs and developmental trauma. We work with schools, services and families (whether adopters, Special Guardians, foster carers or birth families).

About Us

Meet the team of Trustees and Associates

To learn more about our Trustees and Associates please click on the links below where they introduce themselves. 

Our Associates have experience of working with children and young people with complex needs resulting from developmental trauma and/or supporting their families.

With backgrounds in education, social care, health and psychotherapy they have a range of skills and expertise to offer.

They have training in Theraplay® and/or Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Practice (DDP) as well as Sensory Attachment Intervention.

What is Developmental Trauma?

Beacon House deascribe early trauma as arising from things happening that shouldn’t have happened (e.g. abuse, separation, medical interventions), and from things that didn’t happen that should have happened (emotional and physical neglect).

Neglect is often invisible, because children whose parents are emotionally unavailable and cold for example, do not know any different and have no ‘incidents’ to disclose to adults.”

It is summed up well by Beacon House, which offers therapeutic services.

 “Developmental Trauma is the term used to describe the impact of early, repeated trauma and loss which happens within the child's important relationships, and usually early in life. Common stories include:

  • A baby or child relinquished by birth parents.
  • A baby or child relinquished by birth parents
  • A baby or child removed or relinquished from birth parents because they have been physically/sexually/emotionally abused
  • A baby or child who has been neglected
  • A child who lives between harmful birth parents and safe friends/family over a long
  • A child removed at birth and who goes on to experience multiple adverse experiences,
  • A child living with a safe and loving family, but who suffers sexual abuse from outside the family from a young age
  • A baby or child removed from safe foster carers placed into a safe adoptive family
  • A child who experienced severe health problems and multiple medical interventions."

Our Projects

Our projects include individual and small group interventions to support social, emotional and relationship development including sensory regulation.

Projects include a small group intervention for Primary Schools based on Theraplay® Sunshine Circles; the Just Right State Programme - a Sensory Attachment Intervention for parents and children or schools, training on Parenting with PACE based on the Foundations for Attachment training course.

We also host regular Peer Support events for professionals and practitioners.

Contact us

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