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Committed Trustees: Supporting Children's Brighter Futures

Jo Southan
Super Sensory Solutions

I’m married to Adam and we have five adopted children and two grandchildren. I’m a qualified nurse and have previously worked as a learning support assistant for children with additional needs.

Over the last twenty years I have been on an incredible journey of learning how to parent our children who have developmental trauma and a variety of complex needs. As a family we have realised the importance of having the correct support and therapies available and for teachers and other professionals around us to have a full understanding of what is needed, too.

I’m passionate about helping to provide effective support and training to families and professionals to help change the lives of children and families who have suffered trauma.

My husband and family are the joy of my life and have taught me so much. I feel very privileged to be a founding trustee and an Associate with Adenydd.

Philippa Webb
Medical Connections

I am a wife to Dean and a mum of an adopted boy. I co-own and run two successful businesses full-time and am also involved, behind the scenes with our local amateur drama group.

Our little boy came home to us in 2016 at the age of 19 months and every day has bought a different challenge to us all as a family. Because of this I have learnt so much about Developmental Trauma, Sensory Regulation, ADHD and a whole host of other complex needs which has involved therapists and the school.

I want to be able to share my knowledge, so along with my business background I am hoping that I can be an integral part of Adenydd and to help make a difference in supporting those involved in children’s lives who have suffered trauma.

Francis Hon

Developmental trauma doesn't merely happen to children who experience dramatic changes to their families. Parents who suffered from trauma when they were young, among many other causes, can also lead to children having developmental trauma. As a father of two primary school-aged daughters, I can understand how environment and parenting are influencing children’s upbringing and wellbeing in a huge way, either positively or negatively. Despite the best will in the world, parents can be tired, weak, frustrated and confused, not to mention economical, cultural and social issues imposed upon the family. Adenydd is helping children and families in these wide range of situations, in many cases changing the course of people's lives. I am honoured to be involved.

I have a background in social impact and philanthropy, serving commercial institutions and non-profits in Hong Kong and the UK. I was also trustees of a number of education and grant-making organizations, where I focused on strategy, governance and fundraising.

Matthew Donovan
Freelance Digital Consultant

Born in Cardiff, I grew up in Bridgend before going to university in Yorkshire. I left the UK in 1992, lived and worked in France and Norway before returning to the UK and moving to Gloucestershire in 2003.

I’m an IT consultant working with cloud-based technologies. I’m married to Pascale who works in finance and we have a twin son and daughter in their early twenties who recently graduated from Swansea and Cardiff Universities respectively.

I joined Adenydd to give back to a worthy cause. I was immediately won over by the energy and commitment of the team.

I hope to leverage my experience in the public and private sectors to help shape Adenydd’s vison and strategy, ensuring this wonderful charity continues to deliver support to people facing the challenges of developmental trauma.

I will also use my background in digital to provide the best tools & technology to Adenydd’s volunteers and associates, enabling them to deliver quality training & support to those directly making such a positive difference to children and families dealing with trauma.

Adam Southan
Out of Hours GP

Hi, I’m Adam and I have been married to Jo for 28 years . I am blessed to be a father to 5 adopted children (the oldest is 27 and the youngest is 16) and 2 grandchildren. All our children have various needs and I have lived experience of developmental trauma and the impact of ACE’s both on our individual children but also on the family as a whole.

I grew up around the south of Birmingham but have lived in South Wales for 34 years, when I came to Cardiff to train as a doctor. I have been qualified and worked for the NHS for over 29 years now, 25 of these as a GP. I currently work as a GP in Urgent Primary Care in the Swansea Bay Area. I have also held a number of senior medical management roles across NHS Wales.

A passion of mine is gardening, and I regularly use this as my self care and recognise the importance of self care for those of us who care for others.

I aim to use my experience of developmental trauma alongside my professional experience to help the world feel a safer place for children with developmental trauma. I would like to help and support the strategic direction of Adenydd using the skills, knowledge and understanding from my family and working life.

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