Consultations for your school, service or setting

"Where do we go from here?!?"

Individual or team consultations 

We are able to offer online consultations just for your school, service or setting including considering sensory needs, therapeutic needs and what provision might be most suitable. We can also assist with signposting to support available. We have two types of consultation. An individual case consultation is available at a cost of £115 for 60 minutes. Parents/carers are also welcome to attend the session. Alternatively, we offer a for 2-hour group consultation at a cost of £230 for up to 6 staff and discussing up to 2 children/families. This might be suitable for a team to jointly explore the needs of the individual cases but also raise awareness and understanding in relation to other similar children/families the staff team may be supporting. 

If you have attended our training on Sensory Regulation these consultations are ideal for exploring how incorporate this new learning into your work supporting children and families.