Our Projects

Our Projects

Just Right State

The Just Right State programme looks at the use of sensory activities and foods, to help children learn how to self-regulate their emotional states and behaviour. It also uses cartoon characters called ‘The Scared Gang’ that represent the different survival patterns of behaviour.

POISSeD for Learning

Our hope is that we can include and embed opportunities for sensorimotor system development into everyday activities in Flying Start settings, nurseries and schools so that children who need more support in developing these foundational skills to enable them to access learning will be able to do so as part of their daily routine.

Sunshine Circles

Sunshine Circles, developed by Theraplay is an adult-directed, structured play therapy-based group that incorporates playful, cooperative, and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional well-being of children. We help to build and enhance attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement.

Partners in Communication

The Picture Exchange Communication System uses pictures to help children or adults alike to communicate. Remarkably, it allows scope for simple communication to evolve into sentences, advanced phrases and questions throughout its six phases.

Sensory Regualtion: Ecosensory

This project was based around using the outdoor sensory environment to help children to regulate. We took two children with regulation needs requiring additional support from five different classes, with staff from each class. We helped staff to use existing outdoor equipment to support sensory regulation and providing structured opportunities for children to use this more constructively.

Benefits information: BIASS

Many families don't realise that they are entitled to a Disability Living Allowance (DLA) if their child has additional support needs, which very many of the children we support do have.

At Adenydd we can help you through the process of applying for these benefits.