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Support for claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Many familes don't realise that they are ENTITLED to this benefit if their child has additional support needs, which very many of the children we support do have. 

DLA is available to a child who "needs much more looking after than a child of the same age who does not have a disability". The term 'disability' is misleading as the important aspect is that they have additional care needs; no diagnosis is required. 

Children who have difficulties with sensory regulation or who have had a tricky start in life for any reason often need additional  support day and night, emotionally even if not practically, and this allowance can make a huge difference! It may even enable you to pay for additional therapies that your child may need, eg Occupational Therapay.

The support that Adenydd can offer at the moment is limited to signposting you to the information you will need and also providing some ideas of what you might want to include on your claim form. 

We hope eventually to extend our support to include help with completing the forms, however we simply don't have the capacity to do this at the moment. We are always looking for volunteers who may be able to help! Please get in touch if this could be you.

Claims Process

  1. Register your claim with DWP by telephone as this starts the 'clock' and claims can be backdated to this date
  2. Complete the form within 6 weeks (or you will have to start again!)
  3. Gather your evidence
  4. Post the form and supporting evidence 
  5. After you’ve applied, you’ll get a letter within 3 weeks that explains how long it’ll take to get a decision

Sources of help and advice

Kin Cymru - 01792 485151 or

The Belay Foundation - offer workshops and 1:1 support to complete the forms together, and help you make the best application you can for your child or young person.


- Provide helpful information including a free guidance booklet to download

- Disability Living Allowance Mythbuster

Citizens Advice

Swansea Carers Centre - Welfare Benefits

Here is our downloadable and editable .pdf with ideas of things you might want to say ..... please personalise this to reflect your child's support and care needs. Please replace 'the child' and 'them/they' as needed and ensure that you have personalised it to your child and that it is an accurate reflection of their needs. It is easy to overlook just how much extra support your child needs as you have probably just got used to it!

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Please remember to take care of yourself as filling in the form can be quite triggering or upsetting as you see in black and white just how hard life can be for your child and your family.