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Would you like the gift of Tempo Time Credits?

Here at Adenydd our volunteers earn Tempo Time Credits as part of a reward and recognition scheme for the invaluable work they do for our charity. Tempo Time Credits have no monetary value but a volunteer can earn them for the time they have spent contributing to the charity and exchange them within the Tempo Time Credit recognition network for a product, service or activity.

Our wonderful volunteers have kindly offered to gift on their Tempo time credits to families who may benefit from the services that Tempo offer as part of the scheme. If you would like to receive time credits, please complete the form below.

Before filling out the form, please visit the Tempo Time Credits website so you can let us know which activities you would like to access in your local area.

Have you already been gifted Tempo Time Credits?

We would love to receive your feedback if you have already received and used Tempo Time Credits, and how this benefitted you and your family.