Foster Carer training

Foster Carer Training

"Why can't they just behave?!?"

Understanding Sensory Regulation

Our sensory regulation training is now online

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on children, parents, schools and services. We know that for some children and families this time has brought new or additional trauma and that it will continue to mean challenges for all involved. 

Adenydd is a local charity that aims to help families, schools and practitioners to understand and support children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences. Children with developmental trauma often have great difficulty regulating themselves - both their emotions and their behaviour - and can present with huge challenges in terms of supporting them effectively. We are increasingly understanding the importance of the sensory system in regulation and how this can help children.

Commission our training for foster carers

Our training will be run as four 2-hour sessions online; please see below for a flyer. The training will develop knowledge and understanding of sensory regulation as well as providing practical activities and resources. The sessions will be based on our experience of what has been effective when working with families, individal children and small groups of children. We will introduce you to The Scared Gang and show you how you can use these children’s books with your child/ren.

Please contact us if you would like to commission this training or would lkiek to discuss what we can offer -

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